VIDEO: Alex Honnold climbs Angola

From Vice Sports and Haroun Souirji, comes a climbing video with a somewhat different vibe. Alex Honnold travels to Angola, a country in southwest Africa that recently emerged from 27 years of bloody civil war. What brings together these strange bedfellows you ask? Some of the most epic unclimbed rocks in the world, and a community needing help to diffuse the hidden land mines leftover from the conflict.

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16 Dec, 2015
Great film. Can't believe he leaves the dude hanging with a high five at 16:41.
16 Dec, 2015
I *really* doubt they need help to "diffuse" their unexploded landmines. jcm
16 Dec, 2015
More challenge then isn't it? If they all in one marked mindfield, that's just too easy.
20 Dec, 2015
Nice vid and cool project, though it would have been nice to hear a some local Angolan voices to defuse 'white savours' vibe.