Fat Lip 8B for Ollie Torr

Ollie Torr has made a late season repeat of Fat Lip V13/8B at  Raven Tor (Miller's Dale). Earlier this year, James Noble made the first repeat in 8 years since Steve Mcclure's first ascent in 2007. Ollie's ascent is believed to be the sixth overall. This year the problem has become a popular objective - attracting five repeats in under 7 months.

Ollie Torr on Fat Lip 8B, 135 kb
Ollie Torr on Fat Lip 8B
© Peter Kneen/Crimpington Bear Photography

Ollie told UKC:

"Really happy to get Fat Lip done as I probably started trying it a little bit late for good conditions. I’ve been falling off the same moves since first getting on it and have had to improvise beta around wet holds each session."

He added:

"It’s been great to project though as I have kind of neglected my own climbing over the last 2 years being more dedicated to becoming a better coach and setting up mine and Tom Randall’s coaching business ‘Lattice Training’. Hopefully with more time on my hands, now that I am just coaching, I can try to keep up."

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