9a+ and 9a the same day by Megos

Alex Megos on First Ley, 9a+, Margalef, 202 kb
Alex Megos on First Ley, 9a+, Margalef
© Tim Dorlöchter
Alex Megos finished 2015 by repeating First round, first minute, 9b. He started 2016 by repeating First Ley, 9a+, and then making the first ascent of La Ley Indignata, 9a, both in Margalef.

What a FIRST day of the year yesterday! Did the linkup "First Ley" 9a+ and the first ascent (?!) of "La Ley Indignata" for which I suggest 9a.

The following day he made the first ascent of Hostia, no puc, 8c+, and did an 8b.

Alex seems happy enough, but the truth is that if this trend continues, he will soon be reporting VS's...

Alex Megos is sponsored by: DMM, Entre-Prises, Patagonia, Red Bull, Sterling Rope and Tenaya

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