Monk Life 8B+ for Ben Freeman

Adding to a growing list of repeats on Monk Life 8B+ at Kyloe-in-the-woods (Kyloe-In), Northumberland, in the past few months, Ben Freeman finally ticked the problem last week - hot on the heels of Dan Turner (UKC Report). Monk Life was first climbed in 2003 by Malcolm Smith and has come back into the spotlight recently following a repeat by 17 year-old William Bosi last October (UKC Report).

Ben holding the crux swing on Monk Life 8B+, 160 kb
Ben holding the crux swing on Monk Life 8B+
© Ben Freeman

Ben had been trying the problem with Dan, spread out over sessions beginning in May last year. He told UKC:

"I first had 2 sessions where I struggled with the set up moves and felt a long way away from the crux jump. After more sessions in October I'd began making links from the deck but had't yet done the jump move."

Within a couple of sessions in December, Ben had done the jump independently and came close on the day that Dan succeeded just before Christmas. 

On completing the problem, Ben commented:

"Finishing it off this weekend was a surprise after a short break over Christmas and a relief; when the climbing to driving split didn't really make a lot of sense, normally coming from Manchester or Kendal only to climb for a couple hours and come away with some nasty flappers."

He added:

"I'm just disappointed I won't be going back to Kyloe for some time now!"

Watch a video of Ben's ascent below:

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