Alex Megos hits Sweden

Alex Megos on Jon assis, ~8B/+, Jumkil, Sweden
© Daniela Ebler
Alex Megos, now based in Stockholm, Sweden, has had quite a remarkable week in terms of the sheer volume of hard problems he has climbed. One could be forgiven for thinking he is on a quest to climb every single 8A and up in the country...

He says he is surprised by the quality of Swedish bouldering and is really enjoying himself.

The weather hasn't been perfect, and he started the week off slowly by visiting Focksta and Jumkil in the Uppsala area. Two short days of bouldering gave repeats of two 8B's, Mo' Stef and Jon, the first ascent of the longstanding project Jon assis for which he suggested 8B/+, and a further five problems in the 8A-8A+ range.

After some more indoor training and a not too successful visit to the area Brudberget, Alex headed south to Västervik a few hours from Stockholm, and was once again blown away by the quality.

Then he went on a veritable sending spree resulting in 16 8A's and up in two and a half climbing days!

Here's Alex' grand total for week 16 2016:

12 x 8A

6 x 8A+

5 x 8B

1 x 8B/+

At this speed, he'll have climbed all 8A's and up in the country in a couple of weeks and can begin focusing on some harder stuff.

Alex Megos is sponsored by: Café Kraft, DMM, Entre Prises, Klättercentret, Patagonia, Red Bull, Sterling Rope and Tenaya

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