VIDEO: From shallow waters to Riverbed, ~8B+, by Dave MacLeod

Dave MacLeod, bouncing back from multiple surgeries, has made a quick repeat of Franz Widmer's From shallow water to Riverbed, ~8B+, at Magic wood/Averstal, Switzerland.

From his blog:

Magic Wood one of my main trip goals was to work on the sit start to Riverbed (8B+). Although I did Riverbed (an 8B in itself) on my last trip very quickly, I got totally stumped by the sit start. I couldn’t do it at all!
At the end of a session last week I surprised myself by linking this part in about 30 minutes work, and excitedly reacquainted myself with the Riverbed section beyond. Next session I arrived rested but in slightly humid conditions. After a warm-up I shocked myself by completing the whole thing on my first try. I didn’t expect that! It’s only the third 8B+ repeat I’ve done, and it was great to feel it was not at my limit at the moment.

In total, I believe Dave has done four 8B+'s, three of which at Magic Wood/Averstal:

- New base line

- Mystic stylez

- From shallow waters to Riverbed

The fourth is his own Natural method at the Skeleton boulder, Glen Nevis. I don't think it has seen any repeats.

Here is Dave speeding through the moves of From shallow waters to Riverbed.


Dave MacLeod is sponsored by: Black Diamond, ClifBar, GORE-TEX and Mountain Equipment

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