James McHaffie to Open New Eatery in Llanberis

Pro climber James McHaffie has just announced plans to open a new cafe in the centre of Llanberis, which, he claims, is set to rival old climber's favourite Pete's Eat's.

Caff full of caffeine-fuelled enthusiasm for his new venture. , 61 kb
Caff full of caffeine-fuelled enthusiasm for his new venture.
© Ray Wood

Regarding his motivation for the project, James told UKC: 

"After the Daily Mail made such a fuss of me doing the Lakes Extreme Challenge on 'just one egg sandwich', I've been taking my diet a bit more seriously, and think other climbers should too. 

"The best answer seemed to open yet another cafe with healthy, hearty snacks and great coffee to properly fuel up climbers before a day out in the Pass or the slate quarries."

The question remains: what will the new culinary establishment be called?

"I haven't quite decided yet. I was keen on James' McCafé, but apparently there's a global junk food chain using that already. Maybe the simple but catchier Caff's Caf' will have to do."

Climbers who are concerned about the buzz of caffeine ruining their chances of success needn't worry, since James has promised his special brew of 'Anti-Caff' tea and coffee will be a top-seller.

When asked about the culinary specialities he'll be rustling up for customers, James responded:

"Sod yer tofu salads, we all know you need to be chomping on a greasy fry-up to onsight as many E7's as I've done."


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