Geocache, 9a+, repeated by Ondra

Alex Megos on Geocache, ~9, Frankenjura, 98 kb
Alex Megos on Geocache, ~9, Frankenjura
© Claudia Ziegler

According to his 8a-scorecard, Adam Ondra has repeated Alex Megos' Geocache, 9a+. at the Vogelherdgrotte in the Frankenjura. It's a rather short route of around 15m with a strange crux.

Alex made the first ascent in the autumn of 2014 and commented that the route was "not really hard, just a bit strange". He thought he would do it in three goes, but in the end he needed 43. When he did it it felt like I expected it to feel in my 3rd go, only that it happened in my 43rd go and not in the 3rd...

Eventually, he decided 9a+ could be appropriate. 

Adam agrees it's a very difficult one to grade, but yeah, 9a+ could be alright, although he did it in a day. He also says being taller could make it marginally easier.

Oh, and now that I see it's out elsewhere, I can tell you Adam Ondra is planning to try the free Dawn Wall from mid October this year. Unfortunately a flash attempt is out of the question as he has to replace the bolts on the hardest pitches. Apparently someone chopped them...

Adam Ondra is sponsored by: Beal, Black Diamond, Entre-Prises, KIKU, Hudy Sports, La Sportiva and Montura​

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