120 degrees, another 9a+ first ascent by Adam Ondra

Adam Ondra checking out the crux on what became 120 degrees, 9a+, Flatanger, Norway, 112 kb
Adam Ondra checking out the crux on what became 120 degrees, 9a+, Flatanger, Norway
© Marie Couliou
After having done his final university exams, Adam Ondra took good time in Flatanger cave last week with the first ascent of 120 degrees aka Inverted roof project, 9a+, a line bolted by himself last summer.

Adam talked to Fanatic climbing and gave them the lowdown on his projects in the Hansehellaren cave: 

Yes, I was in Flatanger last week, I have been hungry to try to the hardest projects in Flatanger right after my final exams at university, but somehow I felt they were just too far away. The final exams just took me so much energy that I did not feel as strong as I expected I would feel.

That is why I switched plans and the last two days dedicated myself to the project "Inverted Roof", which I bolted last year. It is this crazy inverted roof boulderproblem after doing a hard 8a+, where it is really hard to swing your feet across the roof and make this akward downwards move while having a heel-toe-cam. I found some better beta and the expected grade of 9b did not stick, 9a+ is probably better.

But I am definitely coming back to Flatanger after some training. Projects are kind of obvious, but I just need to be strong enough. And that might take years...;-) 

Some projects in Flatanger:
- Kangaroo dyno, 9b? Includes a dyno which is much harder than the 3 Degrees of Separation dyno.
- Change Variation, 9b+ HARD (meaning much harded than Change or Dura Dura)? Harder start into the low crux of Change into an even harder boulder problem
- Project Big, 9c? The LINE of the cave. The dream of my career. Have not even tried this season yet.
- Project Hard, 9c? Well, a project which I will try as soon as I feel I can fly... Includes an 8C boulder I think. 

Adam will return to Flatanger in a couple of weeks together with Seb Bouin. It's business time!

Adam Ondra is sponsored by: Beal, Black Diamond, Entre-Prises, KIKU, Hudy Sports, La Sportiva and Montura​

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