The Megos hits Canada

Alex Megos on Iron butterfly, 8c+/9a, Canmore, Canada  © Sonnie Trotter
Alex Megos on Iron butterfly, 8c+/9a, Canmore, Canada
© Sonnie Trotter
Alex Megos, who is currently in Canmore, has had a good start to his Canada trip, even by Alex Megos' standards.

After making the first ascent of Iron Butterfly, 8c+/9a, he came back the following day and climbed two 9a's and an 8c+ needing a grand total of 8 tries.

Alex was invited by Sonnie Trotter, who describes his feat as

unquestionably the most OUTRAGEOUS day of sport climbing in Canadian history. Bunda de Fora 5.14d (3rd try) Kinder Surprise 5.14c (2nd try) and open project now called Full Nelson 5.14d (3rd try).

Given that Alex arrived only a few days ago and must hardly have got through his jet lag, I would be surprised if there are even greater things to come. Especially so as he will stay for a few more weeks.

After Canmore, I think he'll be heading to Squamish, even though it's, in his own words either too late or too early in the season. It would be interesting to see what he can do about Tim Clifford's unrepeated Singularity, ~8B+. Apparently it's very condition dependent though, so I guess that's hoping too much...


In case you've missed it:

Alex Megos is sponsored by: Café Kraft, DMM, Entre-Prises, Patagonia, Red Bull, Sterling Rope and Tenaya

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2 Aug, 2016
Watched him yesterday flash an 8b as if it were a 6b, send yet another 8c second try with a one handed stick on a swing which defied description, and generally climb better than I've ever imagined possible. An incandescent talent.
3 Aug, 2016
I quite like the fact that he isn't in to the 8a nu grade chasing, ranking bullshit.