Novena enmienda, 9a/+, by injured Seb Bouin

Seb Bouin on La Novena enmienda, 9a/+, Santa Linya, Catalunya, 152 kb
Seb Bouin on La Novena enmienda, 9a/+, Santa Linya, Catalunya
© Raphaêl Fourau
Seb Bouin has, while recovering from a pulley injury, repeated the classic endurance climb La Novena enmienda, 9a/+, in the Santa Linya cave, Catalunya, Spain.

In December, during the time I was working as sport teacher, I was training in Paris in order to prepare myself for "La Rambla" (9a+ Siurana).

Yet, one week before to go to Siurana I injured my finger, it was a pulley... So to climb "La Rambla" wasn't possible, there are some crimps in the crux.

I had to find a project without crimps, but where??? Santa linya was the solution. In fact, even if it was hurting I was able to try the oute : "La novena enmienda", 9a/9a+.

I was able to do all the sections in the first go, yet the route is around 50 meters in a big overhang.

The difficulty was to not injure more the finger. In fact, I had to be careful with my finger and my shape. I couldn't try the route tired. And some days, when my finger was hurting, I couldn't climb, and I needed to wait. Sometimes for many days.

I was scared about this injury, that's why I am happy that I did this route, it's good for my mind, and good for the next.

Even if it's not my maximal level, I enjoy to do something where I put energy and risk.

Sebastien Bouin is sponsored by: EB, Nograd, Tendon and YY Climbing belay glasses


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