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Seb is one of the most accomplished sport climbers in the world with many hard routes including quite a few in the 9a-9b range under his belt including Mamichula, Chilam Balam and his own Les yeux plus gros que l'antre.


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Fri Night Vid Seb Bouin takes on Bibliographie 9b+

Seb Bouin is undeniably one of the world's strongest sport climbers. But the tiny crimps and pockets of Céüse—France's most iconic crag—are self-admittedly his anti-style. Yet, the strong Frenchman revels in the uncertain process of pus...

News 9b First Ascent for Seb Bouin

Seb Bouin has made the first ascent of Les Rois du Lithium, 9b, in Pic Saint Loup, France.

Fri Night Vid Seb Bouin on ACL (9b)

This week's Friday Night Video is the first in Seb Bouin's new series called 'Hard Sends.' He takes us to Pic Saint Loup near his home in France, where he attempts the first ascent of ACL (9b), a route he bolted in memory of his grandfather.

News Séb Bouin Flashes his Hardest Route Yet: Baise moi 8c+

Seb Bouin has flashed his hardest route yet with a 'flash first-ascent' of Baise moi 8c+/9a, an...

News Séb Bouin makes third ascent of Move Hard 9b

Séb Bouin has made the third ascent of Adam Ondra's Move Hard, 9b, at Flatanger, Norway.

News Bibliographie 9b+ by Séb Bouin

French climber Sébastien Bouin has made the fourth ascent of Bibliographie 9b+ at Céüse, France.

Fri Night Vid Seb Bouin on the Hardest route in America

Late last year, Seb Bouin made the first ascent of a direct start to Chris Sharma's Jumbo Love (9b) at Clark...

News Ariégeois Cœur Loyal, 9b, for Seb Bouin

Fri Night Vid Seb Bouin on Nordic Marathon (9b / +)

Fri Night Vid Seb Bouin's Hidden Gems - Champsaur

News Seb Bouin makes first ascent of Jumbo Love Direct Start 9b+

News Jumbo Love 9b by Seb Bouin, Sights Set on Harder Start

The Ticklist Seb Bouin climbs Change (9b+) and Anna Taylor's latest challenge

Newsflash 3rd Ascent of Change (9b+) for Seb Bouin

News First Ascent of Nordic Marathon, 130m 9b / + by Seb Bouin

Fri Night Vid Seb Bouin takes on Cimaï

Video Seb Bouin on Rouhling's Unrepeated 9s

News Fred Rouhling's Akira Repeated - Twice!

The Ticklist #16 - El Cap in a Day by Emily Harrington, Font 8cs and French Sport Climbing

Video Seb Bouin's Vintage Rock Tour - Céüse

Video Seb Bouin climbing in Albania

News Seb Bouin's Vintage Rock Tour - Verdon

Video Seb Bouin climbs Buoux classics

Video Seb Bouin climbs La Rage d'Adam 9b / +

Feature Nobody's Wing Man: Seb Bouin - The Story so Far

News New 9b for Seb Bouin in Albania

News Seb Bouin repeats Patanics and suggests downgrade to 9a+

News New 9b / + for Seb Bouin in the Verdon Gorge

News Seb Bouin repeats Ondra's Move, 9b / +

News 2nd ascent of Mamichula (9b) for Seb Bouin

News La cote d'usure, 9a+ FA by Seb Bouin in the Gorges du Verdon

News Les yeux plus gros que l'antre, 9a+ / b, first ascent by Seb Bouin

News Two 9a's in a week by Seb Bouin

News Seb Bouin: The silent crusher

News Novena enmienda, 9a / +, by injured Seb Bouin

Video Mangarbo, 9a / +, by Seb Bouin

News L'homme demain, 9a / +, first ascent by Seb Bouin

News Seb Bouin repeats Thor's Hammer, 9a

News Action in the Villanueva del Rosario cave by Seb Bouin

Video A muerte Bilou, 9a, by Seb Bouin

News Seb Bouin repeats l'intégrale du toît d'Orsay, ~8C

News Kmira, another 9a+ by Seb Bouin

Interview Seb Bouin about Chilam Balam

Video Chilam balam, 9b, by Seb Bouin

News Tierra Negra, 9a / +, by Seb Bouin

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Black Diamond Vapor & Capitan Helmets

Helmets have come a long way in recent years, and what was formerly lightweight is now midweight. Here we look at two different options from Black Diamond - the Vapor, perhaps the lightest climbing helmet on the market, and the Capitan, a knock...

Performance Headtorches - Petzl Nao RL, Silva FREE and Black Diamond Distance 1500

Torch technology moves on fast, and the latest generation of high power models are mind-bogglingly bright. Here we compare three headtorches that feature a dazzling 1000+ lumens of output. While they all...

Black Diamond First Light Stretch and First Light Hybrid Jackets

Designed to be worn on the go in a range of conditions, these midweight synthetic insulated jackets are each a good breathable choice for hillwalkers, climbers and mountaineers, says John McKenna. But one is cut rather better...

Gear of the Year 2023

Our reviewers see a lot of gear, and while most is pretty good there will always be a few real stand-outs. Looking back over the last...

Black Diamond Method S

Designed primarily for top-end bouldering, the soft and supple Method S manages the very difficult balancing act of being both technical...

OTS 2023 - Climbing Gear

At OTS 2023 in Liverpool we got a chance to check out some of the new climbing gear due to hit the shelves next year: a range of...

OTS 2023 - Our Best of the Show

This year's Outdoor Trade Show has just wrapped up. Staged in a tropical Liverpool, the show brought practically all the...

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Step By Step: The Nordkette Traverse with Black Diamond Employee Remco Grass

After 33 kilometers, 19 peaks and 3,800 vertical meters, Remco reaches the valley floor. As he steps onto the bus he looks back at the ridgeline and smiles. Step by step Remco made the mountains his own. Step by step, that is his approach to li...

New Gear Autumn / Winter 2021

In our final roundup of new gear for Autumn/Winter 2021, we take a look at an eclectic mix of headtorches, footwear, packs, and sleeping mats:

New Climbing Gear Autumn / Winter 2021

For the past couple of months, we've been finding out about all the shiny new gear that's hitting the shops this Autumn/Winter. We've taken a look at everything from the latest harnesses and helmets, to new rock shoes and cool cams. Take a peak:

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Next up in our Spotlight gear round-ups is climbing gear. We've chatted with brands about the...

New Footwear Spring / Summer '21

In the absence of any trade show this year, we've created our own. Normally, shows tend to focus on products...

Black Diamond Raven Ice Axe Range

Our modern take on Chouinard's original curved-pick mountain axe, the Black Diamond Raven Ice Axe is a classic...

Black Diamond Ice Series + Crack Gloves

Whether you're freezing your mitts off on a cold belay in a snowstorm, working your tan in Indian Creek, or...

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