Rockfall at Vicarage Cliff

A major landslide is affecting the approach to Vicarage Cliff on the North Cornwall coast, where a huge area of cliff is subsiding. It poses a very serious danger to anyone passing underneath.

All that debris is fresh, including the massive blocks..., 215 kb
All that debris is fresh, including the massive blocks...
© Dan Bailey

The climbing is unaffected, but the approach across the beach is in the firing line from falling rocks, which have been steadily releasing for the past several days. Some are very large, and many have been bouncing far across the shingle beach, making it hard to avoid the risk altogether.

The coastal path immediately above the landslide is now threatened with collapse, and has been closed. A diversion for walkers is in place, but until the landslip stabilises climbers intent on accessing Vicarage Cliff will have to think very carefully.

"I've never seen anything as major as this actively going on" said local climber Mark Kemball.

"I'd advise people to stay well clear of the base of the cliff, and not to hang around."

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