World Cup Livestream: Response from IFSC - Meiringen Free

The International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) have responded to the mass criticism aimed at their announcement that IFSC events would be aired via a pay to view subscription service using US livestream company, Flosports. The decision caused a petition to be launched which has so far received 10,500 signatures. The decision is now being reconsidered and the Meiringen round of the Boulder World Cup this weekend will now be available to watch as a free trial.

IFSC Livestreaming becomes subscription-based, 144 kb
IFSC Livestreaming becomes subscription-based

At the opening ceremony of the first round of the IFSC Boulder World Cup in Meiringen, Switzerland last night, competitors stood on stage bearing their flags and holding up red cards in protest to the livestreaming announcement.


In a Facebook post and news report this morning, the IFSC stated that the 'concerns' of competitors, spectators and the climbing community in general are being considered. In light of the negative response, the IFSC's deal with Flosports is 'under review' and the organisation will be offering a free trial livestream of the Meiringen Boulder World Cup round this weekend before undergoing further talks with Flosports. Further details on how to tune in are to be announced.


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