FRI NIGHT VID: James Pearson E10 at Annot

Back in May, we reported that James Pearson had made the first ascent of an impressive E10 7a crack line at Annot, in Provence. He named the route Le Voyage. Our Friday Night Video is made by James and documents his ascent of the route.

James Pearson makes the first ascent of Le Voyage E10 7a  © Caroline Ciavaldini
James Pearson makes the first ascent of Le Voyage E10 7a
© Caroline Ciavaldini

At the time, James told UKC:

"From the first day, where I couldn't even understand the moves, to the last day, running it out in hope of sticking the last jug, the whole process was quite a journey. It was complicated to work out, pumpy to climb, and is certainly one of the hardest trad routes I have ever done, but instead of getting bogged down by difficulty, I'd love to focus on the quality of the line for once. Just look at this thing! It's beautiful, a real marvel of nature. Take away any one hold in several places on the route and it just wouldn't work. It's incredible that it even exists, anywhere, but especially in Annot where so many of the other big faces are just blank.'

He added: 'Le Voyage is definitely the best new trad route I have ever done'.

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16 Jun, 2017
4kN is why :D Is the green superlight equal in size to an IMP 4? If so, you can get 7kN out of the same placement with a brassy. Still, good to know that a medium-sized fall is about 5-6kN, means with my lardy arse I probably shouldnt make any kind of a runout unless I have at least 8kN minimum under me!
16 Jun, 2017
What great looking rock!
16 Jun, 2017
Fun video, but you might want to mute the last third.
17 Jun, 2017
Great effort!! But the constant allez must add a grade!!!!
17 Jun, 2017
Listen to the sound from 6 mins in, sounds like a gentle porno
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