NEWSFLASH: Font 8B+ flash for Ned Feehally in Rocklands

Ned Feehally has flashed Nalle Hukkataival's Trust Issues at the Realm area in Rocklands. This makes Ned the 4th person to have flashed a boulder problem at the grade of Font 8B+ after Daniel Woods (Entlinge), Adam Ondra (Gecko Assis and Jade) and Jimmy Webb (The Globalist). The line is a slightly overhanging face, on beautiful orange and black sandstone typical of Rocklands. By all accounts, Ned climbed the problem with his trusted heel hooks, a technique in which he is well versed.

Nalle climbed the first ascent of the problem earlier this month, after finding the line in May. Ned arrived in Rocklands a couple of weeks ago, for a three week trip and has been to many of the new areas that have been developed. He also managed to tick Amandla (8B+), a hole in his CV from a previous trip.

We'll track Ned down for an interview very shortly...

Ned is sponsored by: Five Ten, Friction Labs, Organic, Patagonia and owns a Beastmaker

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