VIDEO: Chris Sharma climbing Pont d'Arc, Ardèche

Back in June, Chris Sharma made the first ascent of the famous Pont d'Arc in the Ardèche. The route climbs through the middle of a stunning 50m arch, over a gentle river. Sharma decided to climb the route as a deep water solo and tentatively took falls from every 5m, to test the depth of the water. He described the route as 'one of the best routes of my life.'

It took Sharma four days to climb ground-up and is roughly 8b+. Whilst this is not anywhere near his hardest deep water solo, the spectacular line more than makes up for any lack of difficulty. Sharma has long been known for some extraordinary deep water solos, particularly his ascent in 2006 of Es Pontas; another stunning arch off the coast of Mallorca.

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