Beat Kammerlander (58) frees Kampfzone, 8c multi pitch

Beat Kammerlander on Kampfzone, 8c multi pitch, Rätikon, 77 kb
Beat Kammerlander on Kampfzone, 8c multi pitch, Rätikon
© Hannes Mair
Beat Kammerlander (58) has free climbed his own multi pitch Kampfzone in the Rätikon mountain range. The two crux pitches of this incredibly technical alpine sports climb with just barely visible holds weighs in around 8c and 8b+. The Austrian is an absolute multi pitch Legend with first ascents of classics like New age, Unendliche Geschichte, Silbergeier and WoGü (freed by Ondra) to his name.

Beat approached Kampfzone ground up in 2013. This is an incredible feat in itself as the route features obligatory difficulties of up to 8a+. This is the style he preferes though as simply rapping in and bolting from the top would take away a lot from the whole experience.

The route is located high in the Rätikon range at around 2800m, making good conditions rare. This is one of the reasons (another being the sheer difficulty) why it took so long for Beat to be able to redpoint it.

Beat come close in the fall of 2015, but the approaching winter stopped further progress. Last year he had to deal with and rehabilitate a knee injury, but this summer he was back to full strength and could finally succeed on the redpoint.

The pitches: 8b+, 8c, 8a+, 7a, 7c

Planetmountain has interviewed Beat.

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