Big fish, 8c+/9a Deep Water Solo by Chris Sharma

Chris Sharma on Big Fish, 8c+/9a, Deep Water Solo, Sóller, Mallorca, 141 kb
Chris Sharma on Big Fish, 8c+/9a, Deep Water Solo, Sóller, Mallorca
© João Giacchin
Chris Sharma has made the first ascent of Big Fish, a deep water solo/psicobloc which features a crux more than 20m above the water at Sóller on the north coast of Mallorca. He suggests "somewhere around 8c+/9a", making it one of the hardest in that style.

Yesterday I was able to complete a new psicobloc line in Soller, Mallorca that I've been eying for many years. It's one of the most aesthetic, biggest and hardest deep water solos I've ever done. So grateful to play and push my limits high above the sea on this perfect stone year after year!

Hey, Congrats on sending "Big fish"! Sounds like a mighty impressive line indeed!

Thanks man. It's a super spectacular line.

20+ meters certainly must be pushing it in terms of risk? What goes through your mind when you enter such a crux where failing could have serious consequences? I mean do you block out the fear or use it?

Basically it's the same mentality as bouldering. In the same way falling from 5 meters on your back bouldering would be really bad. So you have to be aware of your body position etc.

It's actually very controlled and calculated. The most dangerous part can be dealing with the sea.

Chris also says falling with your legs together is a good idea.

Other hard famous psicoblocs by Chris Sharma are Alasha (Sept 2016)and Es Pontas (Sept 2006). None of them was ever given a grade, but an educated guess would be they're both 9a+ish.

Photo by: João Giacchin

Chris Sharma is sponsored by: ClifBar, Climbskin, Evolv, Petzl, Red Bull, Sharma Climbing, Sterling Rope, Vertical Life Climbing and prAna

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