FRI NIGHT VID: Right Angle - 50th Anniversary Ascent

UKC user Dave Linnett's Friday Night Videos never fail to go down well and we think this one will be no exception: a film of a 50th anniversary climb of the classic sea cliff route Right Angle at Gurnard's Head in Cornwall.

Dave told UKC:

'Right Angle is one of the great Hard Severes in the UK and first climbed on August 26th 1966 by Iain Peters and John Gerber. At the tender age of 17, Iain went out in search of the "Extreme to end all Extremes", but instead found the Hard Severe to end all Hard Severes, which was not a bad consolation prize. Right Angle is also known from Ken Wilson's quote of "one of the few mistakes in judgement I ever made" with its omission from Classic Rock!

'The ambitious plan on this serious and committing sea-cliff climb was to try and get 50 climbers up the route in a day with some cunning pre-rigging of the gear and belays, so all we needed was the weather to play ball. After a cloudy, blustery start it turned into a lovely bluebird day and a large group of friends, with ages ranging from 8 to 68, turned up and all helped make it a fun-filled event. So did we manage to get 50 climbers up the route in a day? Well have a look at the vid - complete with some drone footage of one the greatest Hard Severes - to find out! '

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