FRI NIGHT VID: Steve McClure's Triple Crown

Our Friday Night Video this week follows Steve McClure as he attempts to climb the 'best three routes in Yorkshire'; Urgent Action at Kilnsey; Supercool at Gordale and The Groove at Malham. All are classic 8a+ routes and were made harder when Steve decided to cycle between them in soaring temperatures. Read our report on Steve's big day out here.

Alex Messenger from the BMC told UKC: "As we were arranging filming for a film about Malham access and the Horseshoe Heroes project, Steve casually mentioned that he was up for trying a challenge at the same time too. So if you thought Steve looked a bit knackered in our Horseshoe Heroes clip, this is why.

"This summer we also filmed Steve on his epic 9b route at Malham for a new short film: Rainman. We're excited that it's made the official selection of this year's Kendal Mountain Festival. But if you're not at Kendal, we'll be emailing the film to all BMC members afterwards".

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