First Female D15 by Angelika Rainer

Italian ice and drytool climber Angelika Rainer has become the first woman to climb D15 with an ascent of A line above the sky at Tomorrow's World in the Dolomites, Italy. The line is considered to be one of the hardest drytool routes in the world, with only Gordon McArthur's Storm Giant D16 surpassing it in difficulty (UKC News).

British alpinist Tom Ballard established A Line Across the Sky in 2016 and has since seen a few repeats by Jeff Mercier, Gaetan Raymond and Dariusz Sokołowski ​​​​​.Three weeks ago, Angelika repeated Je ne sais quoi D14+; a variation on A Line Across the Sky, which put her in good stead for completing her D15 goal. Despite some long reaches through the steep roof, Angelika completed the 40m route on 22nd November in temperatures hitting a balmy 3° C.

Earlier this year, Angelika ticked French Connection D15-, also at Tomorrow's World crag. A talented competition ice and drytool climber, Angelika finished 2nd overall in the 2017 UIAA Ice World Cup and has won the overall title multiple times in addition to winning World and European Championship events over the years.

Angelika is sponsored by: Berghaus, Grivel and La Sportiva

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I believe the routes at Malga Ciapela which is just up the road from us are all natural. But many dry tooling routes are manufactured....
You're correct, although it hasn't seen a repeat to confirm the grade AFAIK. However, it does look like another level of climbing! Thanks for pointing that out, I've amended the first para. ...
Just out of curiosity, but isn't 'Storm Giant' (D16) currently the hardest drytool route in the world? That's at least what they are claiming in this video: Either way,...

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