Two ~8C's and more by Ryohei Kameyama in Fontainebleau

Ryohei Kameyama on The Big island, ~8C, Fontainebleau, 72 kb
Ryohei Kameyama on The Big island, ~8C, Fontainebleau
© Takuya Nakamura
Ryohei Kameyama, 20, is currently tearing it up in Font. After 10 days, he has already repeated two ~8C's and two 8B+'s.

Back home in Japan I have climbed some 8B〜8B+ boulders, but no 8C's yet, but it seems the Fontainebleau sandstone suits his style perfectly as he has very quickly managed to repeat:

- Fatman, ~8B

- The Traphouse, ~8B+

- Gecko assis, ~8B+

- Jour de chasse, ~8C

- The Big island, ~8C

I'll stay 22 days in this trip, from 25 October to 15 November. I succeeded on two 8B+ and two 8C boulders in this trip, so I'm happy.

I'm looking for next project now.^ ^

Watch this space for more news and remember the name!

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