Two 9a's in a week by Seb Bouin

Seb Bouin on the La côte d'usure project in the Ramirole sector, Verdon, 145 kb
Seb Bouin on the La côte d'usure project in the Ramirole sector, Verdon
© Tilby Vattard
After attempting his long term project Move, 9b/+, at Flatanger in Norway, Seb Bouin took two weeks off to recover. Then he decided to re-start in Italy where he repeated two 9a's in a week.

After good fight in Move (9b/9b+) in Norway, I needed to rest. So I took two weeks off.

To re-start, I decided to go to Italy in order to do easier routes.

First we went in Camaiore, in San Rocchino crag. I did some onsights up to 8b the two first days. Then I decided to visit "La terza eta", 9a, climbed by Adam Ondra only.

Well, I was pretty surprised to do all the sections. I decided to try it, even if it could be too hard for a re-start after 2 weeks off.

Finally, I did it in eight goes. Humm, ok for the moment.

Then, I decided to visit "Naturalemente", a 9a+ climbed by Adam ondra only; But it was too hard to do in just a couple of days.

So, we stopped for three days on the way back at the Castelbianco crag. There I tried "Perfect Man", 9a, climbed by Mateo Ganbaro and Adam Ondra. I did the third ascent in six tries.

For this one I found different beta compared to Mateo Ganbaro which maybe made the route a little bit easier. We will wait for the next repetitors and then discuss about the grade.

For a re-start week I am pretty happy, even if I know that the real objectives are not these ones.

Seb Bouin is sponsored by: Black Diamond, Climbskin, EB, Matahi juice, Pucseries and Tendon

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