Daniel Woods repeats La Capella, 9b

Daniel Woods © Jon Cardwell
Daniel Woods
© Jon Cardwell
Daniel Woods has repeated Adam Ondra's La Capella, 9b, at Siurana, Spain. This was the 3rd ascent after Ondra (2011) and Stefano Ghisolfi, who did it in January this year.

From Daniel's Instagram: And on the 5th day La Capella 9b (15b) goes down ✔️... who would of thought my first 9b would be a bouldery one 😂

La Capalla is a relatively short route, only ~15m, but it it really packs a punch with two back to back ~8A+/B boulder sections which, according to Stefano could be compated two one long ~8C problem, so yes, it's not that surprising it would be Daniel's first of the grade.

He now has almost three months left in Spain, so there is a chance he'll get up a couple of more routes while he's there.

Daniel Woods is sponsored by: Friction Labs, Gnarly nutrition, La Sportiva, Organic climbing, Petzl, Sanuk and The North Face

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26 Feb, 2018

Beast! Apparently Dave Graham isn't far off either.

Out of interest, how many climbers have ticked both 9b and 8C? Sharma, Ondra, Megos, Woods... anyone else?

27 Feb, 2018

Fred Rouhling?

Jakob Schubert?

They've both done 9b, however I'm not certain on the boulder grade but seem to recall they've bouldered at 8C. Midtbo?

27 Feb, 2018

Magnus Midtbø's 9b seems to be a bit of an odd one, being that it's a "sport route" with a sit down start. Which otoh might mean that it ticks both boxes at the same time.

28 Feb, 2018


Good call, and Rouhling's 'Akira' is an identical route in that sense. Howabout, if Nalle did a bit of sport and trad, I reckon he would easily be the only climber to claim 9th grade for boulder, lead and trad. Now to plant that seed..

28 Feb, 2018

Nalle possibly already has the trad tick, given that Silbergeier is definitely not "sport climbing". His endurance training for it, as he explained in a podcast interview with (iirc) Björn Pohl, was two to three move intervals on what was then the Lappnor Project.

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