VIDEO: James Pearson: Beyond the Mostest

In November 2017, James Pearson made the first ascent of Power Ranger 5.14 R/8c at Sunset Rocks, Chattanooga, TN. A video has just been released of James' journey towards climbing the line, in which he undergoes a second metamorphosis from wannabe Frenchman to fully-fledged American in order to 'send' the route. More important, though, is the lesson he learns along the way.

"In our mixed up world of ever decreasing attention spans, we've become so obsessed by #tags and character limits that we've forgotten about the story itself. We consume content like a fat man consumes cake, never stopping to appreciate the taste, and wondering why we never feel full anymore. It's ironic that in a world ruled by convenience, we complain constantly that we are running out of time.

Perhaps we all need to reassess how much information we really need? Slow down, breathe, and open our eyes."

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