VIDEO: Ups And Downs, Niky Ceria in Finland

Ups And Downs tells the story of Niccolò Ceria's trip to Helsinki, Finland and it includes some hard and iconic boulders from the area.

Niky repeats The Globalist, ~8B+, at Sipoo, makes a pilgrimige to Lappnor to check out Burden of Dreams, ~9A, and attempts Circus Elephant Syndrome, ~8B+. This is also where things take a turn for the worse...

Niccolò Ceria is sponsored by: Climbskin, Flathold, Friction Labs and adidas

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There's also loads of easier bouldering around Helsinki. It's a nice city, particularly in summer, and now has a huge choice of bouldering venues around it. It could make a fun and rather different destination to...
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