Jonathan Siegrist repeats Jumbo Love, 9b

Jonathan Siegrist on Jumbo Love, 9b, Clark Mountain, Nevada, 121 kb
Jonathan Siegrist on Jumbo Love, 9b, Clark Mountain, Nevada
© Cameron Maier/BearCam media
Jonathan Siegrist has repeated Chris Sharma's Jumbo Love, 9b, at Clark Mountain, Nevada. This was the 3rd ascent after Sharma and Ethan Pringle.

Chris Sharma made the first ascent of this ~80 meter monster back in 2008 and it took till 2015 before it was repeated by Ethan Pringle. Not only the obvious difficulty of the climbing, but also its inaccesibility has probably added to the lack of traffic. To reach the start of the route you drive 10 miles on a rough dirt road where 4WD is required, then you hike up the mountain and finally you climb a 7c+ up to the start. Then all you have left is to climb the actual route.

For Jonathan it was his hardest route to date and his first 9b.

Jonathan Siegrist is sponsored by: Arc'teryx, Climb On, La Sportiva, Maxim ropes, Metolius, The Pro bar and Zeal Optics

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Yeah I agree. There's a good interview with him about the route on Rock and Ice. Interesting that he doesn't think the...
I do like Jonathan Siegrist's no nonsense analytical approach to his climbing. He gives the impression of a man that, through hard work, is exploiting every ounce of his natural talent rather than just relying on the...

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