VIDEO: The Golden Ticket, 8c+, by Mélissa Le Nevé

Melissa Le Nevé - bat girl  © Andy Wickstrom
Melissa Le Nevé - bat girl
© Andy Wickstrom
In late November, after three weeks of work, Mélissa Le Nevé managed to repeat Adam Taylor's The Golden Ticket, 8c+, at The Chocolate Factory, Red River Gorge, Kentucky.

The route was originally given 9a but was later downgraded to 8c+ when Adam Ondra onsighted it in 2012.

Mélissa has previously climbed two other 8c+'s in the RRG: 50 words for pump and Southern Smoke. She has also bouldered 8B+ and finished on the podium both in individual World Cups and over all.

Melissa Le Nevé is sponsored by: adidas, Five Ten and Petzl

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