Kendal Rekindled: Dierdre Wolownick - Honnold's Mum!Video


At the age of 66, Dierdre Wolownick became the oldest woman to climb El Capitan in Yosemite. Her other claim to fame is that she's Alex Honnold's mum! We caught up with Dierdre at Kendal Mountain Festival to get an insight into what it was like to raise Alex Honnold and to ask about her own climbing achievements.

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23 Nov, 2019

Absolutely stunning and inspiring!

"I was a climber type, when I was a little girl, but I wasn't supposed to be. I was supposed to wear dresses and laces"

"my independence was in my head for many years, I couldn't let it out for many years, as it were"

I really hope you did arrange a full interview for an article, it would be a shame for the video being only UKC mention of her!

How did I miss the book till now?!

23 Nov, 2019

I did a close reading and had a load of questions written out (hence laptop) but Dierdre didn't receive them in time for Kendal for a written piece. The opportunity for a filmed interview came up but my questions were a bit too in-depth for an impromptu chat.

I would like to have a written article too. I'll see if I can get in touch with Dierdre!

24 Nov, 2019

Natalie, that would be great, I really hope something works out!

There have been only a very few interviews so far with her (I googled, and all just in climbing specific media), and most of them very interesting and quite touching. Can't understand why the mainstream media did not pick her up yet, although I very much understand she might just prefer her privacy, especially with her son being featured almost everywhere!

It was all the more touching to me personally, as sadly I can't ever take my mother climbing with me (health problems), even though she used to be very adventurous in her youth :( All the more as I am ever thankful to her for instilling in me the love for the outdoors, even if I can't repay her enough by taking her along now!

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