Rock Athlete - First Ascent Fri Night Vid

With climbing out of the question for most of us, a bit of nostalgia wouldn't go amiss. Our Friday Night Video this week takes us way back to one of the first classics of the genre; the film responsible for giving us the phrase 'come on arms.' The original Rock Athlete, Ron Fawcett, takes on the project at Dinas Cromlech which would become Lord of the Flies; an accomplishment that Climber and Rambler described as 'a significant breakthrough.' The route is still giving people nightmares to this day.

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This has to be one of the greatest historical first ascent videos ever. Only marred by some crap cutaways.

20 Mar

In which Ron doesn't actually seem to have moved an inch...!

Yup, they're really dire, dishonest and misleading.

Waist belay!

20 Mar

I met Chris Gibb shortly after this on Mt Kenya. His main comment was the ball ache of lugging the sound gear up there a couple of times a day!

It’s actually a pretty poor film. Do think the latter part will resonate with most climbers though - nearly off, hoping the gear will go in, talking to it etc.

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