Did Irvine and Mallory Climb Everest? Archie Price Siddiqui InvestigatesFri Night Vid

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Our Friday Night Video this week was conceived and written by the 12-year-old presenter of the film, Archie Price Siddiqui. The film explores the mystery of whether Sandy Irvine and George Mallory summitted Everest.

The short was made by Archie for a school project, who assembled an all-star cast and crew, including filmmaker Terry Abraham, Leo Houlding, Julie Summers (Author, Broadcaster, Historian & Irvine's great-niece) & Dave Hahn (US Mountain Guide, Journalist & lecturer) - not to mention input from the Mountain Heritage Trust, the BMC and the Alpine Club.

Well done, Archie. Come see us about a job in a few years time!

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3 Jul, 2020

Good effort Archie.

Messner doesn't believe they did: he expressed the same opinion as Houlding that the second step is too hard for Mallory & Irvine to have climbed it free at that altitude in the 1920s.

3 Jul, 2020

I really enjoyed that, Archie. Very well done! There were some very interesting opinions and evidence in your film.



4 Jul, 2020

Wouldn't it be incredible if they had, though? In a way, I think it will be a massive shame if we ever find definitive proof that they didn't.

4 Jul, 2020

Great video Archie. Done like the pros.

4 Jul, 2020

What a charming film! Archie's narration was so lovely. Hard (well, impossible really) to argue with Leo Houlding's assessment but I suppose the romantic in all of us wants the possibility to continue to exist.

It seems as though Mallory and Irvine gave it all that anybody could possibly have given it and maybe, in the end, that's what matters most.

The film recently shown on here about a 1977 American failure on Latok shows that sometimes failure can be more impressive than success.


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