The 80's Birth of ExtremeFri Night Vid

© Alun Hughes/BMC TV

This week's Friday Night Video is a double bill of Alun Hughes films: The 80's Birth of Extreme: Parts 1 & 2. A compilation of classic films including:

Total Control - Jimmy Jewel soloing hard Snowdonia classics

The Fourteen Peaks - Colin Donnelly on his 1988 attempt to break the record for the Welsh 3000ft peaks.

Gogarth - Follow Johnny Dawes and Paul Pritchard taking on Hardback Thesaurus (E7 6b) ground-up, along with some first ascents and tasty falls.

Stone Ulladale - Again, we join Johnny and Paul, as well as Bob Drury and Crispin Waddy. The team travel to the Hebrides for some new routing.

Buoux 8c - Rockstars Moon, Moffatt and Dawes take on the French at their own game: Sport Climbing. Ben Moon climbs the world's first 8c, Agincourt (8c), and Jerry Moffatt and Johnny Dawes are in top form taking on Buoux classics.

A series of firsts: In self-contained shorts, Ben Moon climbs Statement of Youth (8a), Jerry Moffatt makes the first ascent of Liquid Ambar (8c+) and Ben Moon takes on the brutal Hubble (9a).

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18 Jul, 2020

One of the best climbing / outdoors vids out there. The kayaking is the best bit

"It was scary, I wasn't in control, and it really really hurt" - Or something along those lines

Can I put a request out for Upside Down North Wales if anyone knows where to watch it. Haven't been able to find it since SteepEdge closed down

18 Jul, 2020

Good news.. Upside Down is coming to BMC YouTube pretty soon, so hang in there

19 Jul, 2020

The belaying for Liquid Amber!

22 Jul, 2020

Yeah was thinking the same thing. Was it common to lead belay with a munter hitch back then?

22 Jul, 2020

I think maybe she was German, so in that case, yes. However the belay device de rigueur at that time in the UK was a fig 8 with the rope passed through the 8 but then simply clipped into the krab, not passed around the the device itself. Sounds dodgy, doesn't it, but I can't remember any accidents with it. I used it myself for years but quickly switched to a Grigri when they appeared.

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