First Ascents in Liming, ChinaFri Night Vid

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Our Friday Night Video this week features Jenny Fisher and Kat Whipple in Liming, China. Both were drawn to each other by a mutual love of crack climbing and head to China with the aim of putting up new routes. The area has an abundance of dark red sandstone and the climbs are typically traditionally protected, with the occasional bolt. The team get stuck into the Far Away area where they find an Indian Creek-esque crack and a lot of swearing ensues.

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15 Feb, 2019

If the word 'Like' was, like, literally, like banned, this video would be like half as like, long.

Other than that, I liked it

15 Feb, 2019

I thought about counting the likes, there were lots.

15 Feb, 2019

and counting the times 'send' was used

16 Feb, 2019

What an inspiring film, with two climbers showing sensitivity to the culture and a lot of guts and determination, and grace in coping with not completing their challenging route.

17 Feb, 2019

Excellent, thanks for that

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