Eder Lomba Repeats Batman (9a) at Malham

© Marsha Balaeva

Sheffield-based Basque climber Eder Lomba has repeated Steve McClure's Batman (9a) at Malham Cove. This was his second 9a after a recent ascent of Rainshadow (9a)also at Malham.

Batman was Eder's second 9a  © Marsha Balaeva
Batman was Eder's second 9a

Steve climbed Batman in 2013 whilst working on his main objective, which later turned out to be Rainman (9b) (9b). The route starts up Bat Route (8c) and then heads into a section of 8c+, before rejoining Bat Route on the headwall. 

Eder first tried Batman before last year's lockdown, but subsequently decided to attempt Rainshadow. His sessions throughout the year on Rainshadow were cut short by lockdown, nesting birds, and seepage. Eder told us:

'I spent a few months in Greece and when I returned we were under lockdown again, but once it was lifted I was very keen to go back to Malham and so far this season I managed to climb some of the classics such as Bat Route (8c) (8c), Cry Freedom (8c) (8b+), Raining Bats and Dogs (8c) (8c), Victor Hugo (8b) (8b), and Rainshadow (9a) (9a).'

His ultimate goal is to repeat McClure's Rainman (9b)  © Marsha Balaeva
His ultimate goal is to repeat McClure's Rainman (9b)

Eder puts his fairly comprehensive ticking of Malham's hard classics down to not working full-time and this allowed him, after just ten sessions, to tick Batman. At the time of his ascent in 2013, Steve graded the route 9a/+ and saw it as a progression towards Rainman. Eder is hoping to replicate Steve's success and finish the route this year.

Watch uncut footage of Eder on Rainshadow courtesy of Marsha Balaeva/MonoCulture Films.

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Eder Lomba

Eder is a Sheffield-based Basque climber who's been tearing up UK sport routes over the past few years. He's made ascents of 

Eder's Athlete Page 2 post 1 video

10 May, 2021

Yes Eder! Beast

10 May, 2021

Strange thing to say. Perhaps because it is really hard. Perhaps because there are loads of really hard routes in Europe for the Euro-punks to do.

Could also ask when are one the Brit-punks going to repeat Mutation.

Edit - by the way, I have no idea what is meant by Euro or Brit punks. I'm far too old to understand any cool young persons language ;)

10 May, 2021



10 May, 2021

Amazing effort, Eder! The footage is fantastic. Pure climbing, more of this, please!

11 May, 2021

Super video.

So much better without music!

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