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This week's Friday Night Video follows Emma Twyford on her mission to climb The Big Bang (9a) (9a) at Lower Pen Trwyn. A landmark climb for both her and the history books, it ended her three-year battle and she became the first British woman to climb the grade of 9a. 

The film, which won Best Climbing Film at Kendal Mountain Festival in 2019, follows Emma's journey to success, capturing footage of her on The Big Issue (E9), Mind Control (8c), and big walling in the Dolomites.

Read our interview with Emma following her ascent:

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Emma is one of the very best climbers operating in the current British scene. She has flashed both E7 and F8a, headpointed E9 and is the first British woman to redpoint F9a.

Emma's Athlete Page 42 posts 5 videos

29 Jan, 2022

What a great, insightful film.

30 Jan, 2022

That is such a great film.

30 Jan, 2022

As others have said, this is a brilliant film.

Watching her finally move past those dreadful crimps was... something else. You so wanted her to succeed. And she did!


30 Jan, 2022

I love these kind of films, mega insightful and honest! Great effort

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