Lords of Trad | Adam Ondra, Pete Whittaker and Will BosiFri Night Vid

© Adam Ondra

This week's Friday Night Video takes us to the Czech Republic, where three of the world's best climbers - Adam Ondra, Pete Whittaker, and Will Bosi - take on the sandstone towers of  Adrspach

With Adršpach well known for its old-school ethics (no chalk, no metal camming devices) and massive runouts (hundred metre routes with a single ring), this film showcases the fear that these towers can induce in even the most accomplished of climbers.

The film also explores the history of Czech trad climbing, and the stories of pioneers Kokša and Špek, who climbed the routes without the benefit of modern equipment.

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6 Oct, 2023

Best climbing film I've seen in ages. Stunning place, great music, proper adventures and some important heritage to tie it all together. Brill. Good to see the best climbers in the world getting schooled too...

6 Oct, 2023

In reply to UKC

For us this video shows the true flavour of Czech sandstone. We have been very lucky to have climbed on many occasions, the feeling of reaching the summit is incredible. Almost like an alpine summit.

Tony & Sarah

7 Oct, 2023

I agree, that was class.

7 Oct, 2023

Almost? Better! :)

Great film! My two favourite Adam quotes: 1. (about Aliens): Pete: Do these things actually work then? “I don’t know, I’ve never placed one”. And 2: “I don’t place knots, I just clip the rings and run it out”.

There’s an Easter egg too. When Adam takes a biggish fall while being watched by the 1st ascentionist (1961?), you hear a single sentence in Czech which doesn’t have a subtitle. Apparently it means “D’you wanna beer?”

7 Oct, 2023

That was brilliant.


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