Our Favourite Climbing Films from 2023Fri Night Vid

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For our final Friday Night Video slot of 2023, we're taking a look back at some of our favourites from the past year:

In March, Adam Ondra released his homage to the classic climbing film The Real Thing. It documents his flying visit to The Peak District where, amongst other things, he managed to flash Jerry Moffatt's The Ace (f8B) in front of the man himself. 

The next film takes us to the Czech Republic, where three of the world's best climbers - Adam Ondra, Pete Whittaker, and Will Bosi - take on the sandstone towers of  Adrspach

With Adršpach well known for its old-school ethics (no chalk, no metal camming devices) and massive runouts (hundred-metre routes with a single ring), this film showcases the fear that these towers can induce in even the most accomplished of climbers.

The film also explores the history of Czech trad climbing, and the stories of pioneers Kokša and Špek, who climbed the routes without the benefit of modern equipment.

This film features leading adventure photographer and regular UKC contributor, Hamish Frost. It explores the side of himself that he has kept hidden from the outdoor community, in a story of confidence and connection, and a reminder of the importance of diversity in the outdoors.

Robbie Phillips gave us a great insight into developing new, hard trad routes in remote areas in his film Voyage of the Half Light. We join him, Will Birkett, Guy Robertson, Hamish Frost and Charles Smallwood as they take the path less trodden to one of the most mystical places on Earth, the Scottish island archipelago of St Kilda.

Finally, another chance to watch the award-winning film from Jessie Leong, The Last Forgotten Art. The film follows crack aficionados, Mel, Vicky and Steve, in their pursuit of the unusual which eventually leads them to Ramshaw Rocks in the Peak District. 

Ranging from VS to E4, the climbs not only require brute strength and mental fortitude, but a sense of play and tough skin to succeed in tackling some of the roughest, maddest, widest cracks in town.

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