Stefano Ghisolfi attempts Silence, 9cFri Night Vid

© Stefano Ghisolfi

This week's Friday Night Video takes us to Flatanger in Norway, where Stefano Ghisolfi is putting in the hours on the world's first 9c route, Silence (9c).

The film details Ghisolfi's most recent two month trip, during which he made significant progress on the yet-to-be-repeated 2017 route, including becoming the first person to successfully repeat the crux sequence.

With detailed analysis of the route's complexities, cameos from Jakob Schubert, Shawn Raboutou, and Domen Škofic, and some Mario Kart thrown in for good measure, this film puts into perspective just how hard the hardest route in the world is.

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Stefano is one of the world's top sport climbers and his list of hard routes include Adam Ondra's Change (9b) at Flatanger and Alex Megos' Perfecto Mundo (9b+) at...

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