COMPETITION: WINNER - Win a Beal ESCAPER detachable abseil system

WINNER: salancaster

Beal are giving you the chance to win a Beal ESCAPER detachable abseil system.

It allows abseiling when only a single length of rope is available.

First launched at the OutDoor Show in 2017 and included in UKC's Top Ten products it'll be hitting the shops now.

Escaper, 39 kb

Key Features

  • Light and compact
  • Quick set-up
  • 100% textile construction

Examples of uses

  • Where an abseil on a single length of rope is required
  • Where one of your two abseil ropes has been damaged
  • Where you find your line is limited during freeriding or ski mountaineering and need to get down a distance with an abseil rope


  • Multipitch routes, escape, ridge hike, freeride, skimountaineering, canyoneering

As with all climbing equipment, it's necessary to get familiar with its use in a controlled environment before using it for real.

We have one Beal ESCAPER up for grabs, just watch this video of the ESCAPER to find the answer to the following question:

This competition has now closed.

Forums 45 comments

That's going in my tests if I can figure out how. Rope and escaper sitting in the bath for half an hour before I go out is the obvious one for wet but I'm just far enough from the crag that I don't see how I can keep...
I reckon it would be fine on dry rope.  I was struck by how 'difficult' it was to retrieve. However, all my epic retreats have occurred in storms; either soaking wet or frozen ropes.  Not so sure about that !!!
As had been mentioned by many, this product seems to be a potentially dangerous solution to a problem that doesn't exist, or at least one that I've never had to solve in 35+ yrs of varied active climbing of many types...
The point is that all of those things are within your control, so you simply will not do them if you're using this device, or, if you do so, you will be very aware of the implications. I don't think anyone is suggesting...
Struggling to find any official information about this other than some videos at trade shows and outside, demonstrating how it works. Surely there should be a specification on the manufacturers web site. I know its...
You ab down and are suddenly on a wide ledge on which you have all your weight on your feet? Rope gets stuck in a crack so you find a ledge from which to flick the rope? You intend to ab to a ledge you can see...

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