VIDEO: Toru Nakajima - Grit E9

by Jack Geldard - Editor - UKC Sep/2009
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Toru Nakajima - new E9 on Gritstone, 52 kb
Toru Nakajima - new E9 on Gritstone
© SteepMedia/Pete Whittaker

Visiting junior Toru Nakajima is safely back in Japan (phew!) after his three week blitz of Peak gritstone.

The 15 year old climber racked up an astonishing list of ascents given the warm and wet conditions he found in our typical British summer.

You can read more about some of his ascents in these UKC news items:

And in this UKC Forum Thread:

Toru's school holiday ticklist includes:

  • Black Out E9 (first ascent)
  • Childs Play/Nocturnal Emission (Direct on Parthian Shot) E9
  • Meshuga E9 (climbed the same day as Parthian Shot!)
  • Gaia E8
  • Simba's Pride E8
  • Elm Street E8
  • Life Assurance E6 (onsight)

Below is a video of some of Toru's exploits, filmed by Pete Whittaker and edited for by Dave Gill of SteepMedia.

VIDEO: Toru Nakajima Crushes Gritstone


Thanks go to Pete Whittaker for this video footage!

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This has been read 22,280 times