BMC Access Changes - Roaches and Ravensdale

by Duncan Campbell - UKC May/2013
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There have been two major access changes recently, one being a new ban at the Roaches, and the other a lifting of the ban at Ravensdale.


At the Roaches, a pair of Peregrines are now nesting here, having moved from the nearby Hen Cloud. This means that all normal restrictions on Hen Cloud have been lifted, but climbers are asked to keep to established tracks and only access The Cube boulder from the sheep track running due South. There is a restriction in place between Damascus Crack and Easy Gully including the boulders up to the Flakes and Chips boulder. For more information on the restrictions and any updates to the situation, more information can be found in the BMC's RAD database.


Evening on Damascus Crack, 150 kb
Evening on Damascus Crack
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Ravensdale, a classic low-mid grade limestone crag in Derbyshire, is now unbanned as the Ravens have fledged. Natural Trust (who own the crag) had banned all climbing at the venue, however, due to nesting Ravens. To keep updated with new access restrictions at Ravensdale, check out the BMC's RAD database here

For more general information on Access to crags around the country, visit the BMC's Access & Conservation page

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This has been read 6,295 times