Alex Megos does The wheel of life, ~8C/9a+

by Björn Pohl - UKC Jul/2013
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Alexander Megos on The wheel of life, ~8C/9a+, 85 kb
Alexander Megos on The wheel of life, ~8C/9a+
© Oliver Miller/Vertical Life Magazine

Alexander Megos, currently on a two month trip to Australia, has made a lightning quick repeat of Dai Koyamada's ~65 move monster The Wheel of Life, ~8C/9a+, in the Hollow Mountain Cave, Grampians.

Alexander needed only two sessions to make the repeat, and considering the many moves, that is extraordinarily quick indeed.

According to Vertical Life Magazine: Megos had his first session in the Cave last week, climbing Cave Rave (V13) three times, before coming back for his second session on Saturday when he completed the full Wheel of Life on his third attempt of the day. Astoundingly, the actual send of the problem was also the first time he had completed the middle section of the roof, Sleepy Hollow (V12).

That same day, he also did Stimulation, 8B, in a couple of tries.

So what's the plan now?

A couple of days ago, Alex told me that: I am in Australia right now. It is awesome!!!!! The plan is, like everywhere, to climb everything ;-)

So... everything it is then, and he is certainly off to a good start!

Alexander Megos is sponsored by: Tenaya, Patagonia and DMM

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This has been read 5,675 times