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1st - Job Opportunity: Chief INSTRUCTOR - See below for Instructor(s)

About The Ledge :- The Ledge Climbing Gym will be the largest climbing gym in the North of Scotland. With 1000m2 of climbing surfaces with bouldering, lead and training areas for performance, beginners, kids and our charitable work. Founded with an ethos of building community, it is open to all comers from Olympic hopefuls to first timers; our facilities include a replica Olympic bouldering wall, training digital boards, strength and conditioning gym, yoga studio supported by a cafe and specialist retail. 

The Ledge is a Mountaineering Scotland, sportscotland supported  Performance Centre for bouldering and mountain sports training. 

The Ledge Charity - As a charity, our purpose is to improve the lives of those facing challenges that are negatively affecting their quality of life, future prospects, and mental or physical health. We do this by using the sport of climbing and our linked therapeutic programs – both indoors and outdoors with the goal of creating a supportive and inclusive community that empowers individuals to reach new heights.

Charity Social Impact Statement:- We are not trying to make lots of new climbers, but instead, use our facility and related activities to create a therapeutic learning environment by developing and running a series of classes, courses, and long-term mentored projects, which will guide people towards more positive outcomes. 

This ambition is encapsulated under the title of 'vertical living' where we will use climbing, indoor and outdoor activity, movement, and green/blue space work, as a tool to aid people to reach higher ground. 

Our social impact programs under the general heading of 'vertical living' will principally be targeted towards: 

• Supporting young people most at risk of being involved in antisocial behaviour, offending or reoffending, towards or into positive destinations. 

• Providing person-centred support for young people, parents, and families impacted by Adverse Childhood Experiences and trauma. 

• Supporting young people and adults to improve their health, mental health, life skills, and wellbeing. 

• Supporting environmental education as it relates to outdoor sports and activity. 

These four principal aims, our 'social impact', are supported by running The Ledge Climbing Gym, a climbing and adventure sports gym situated at Unit 2, Telford Street Retail Park, Inverness, Highland, Scotland.

Role Summary

The role of the Chief Instructor is to lead and manage and help set the tone of the climbing offering at The Ledge Climbing Gym and Charity

To design and manage with the senior management team, a full range on indoor and outdoor rock climbing courses, and to aid the oversight, development and delivery of courses and coaching programs for the climbing gym; including performing general shared management roles with the team, such as GM, membership and entry duties, as well as potentially, representing The Ledge and its charitable and performance goals, to external bodies and groups such as Climb Scotland, Glenmore Lodge and Sportscotland

Along with the Head Route Setter, this roles defines our offering to the climbing visitors and the first time public users to The Ledge. They must therefore be able to foster within the wall, a modern encouraging atmosphere, which in turn helps to maintain footfall from our regular climbers as well as encouraging visitor and membership retention from our new climbers and first timers.

First and foremost we are looking for someone who can contribute both to the development of the Ledge's offering and our desire to become a leading centre of excellence, both in terms of encouraging climber development through skills, coaching and safety, but also aiding the Social Impact team to safely deliver the important impact work outlined in the above Impact Statement.

As a centre of excellence we wish to engage someone who understands what it means to operate at high level both indoors and outdoors and who can help develop courses, classes and projects that engage with the membership and encourage them in their personal journeys in climbing and general well-being.

This from time to time will include liaising with Climb Scotland to host local, and national competitions, coaching seminars, performance training camps and develop the potential of becoming an outdoor rock training provider.

Principle duties include; Instructing the safe delivery of courses and duties including…

  • NGB courses and youth and adult groups sessions, NICAS Climbing and NICAS Bouldering
  • Working with differently able children and adults and aiding the "Social Impact Team" to deliver a diverse range of life-skills and health programs, which is the core charitable delivery of The Ledge.
  • Delivering lead, belay, indoor and outdoor sport climbing, trad and multi pitch climbing courses – Indoors and Outdoors
  • Daily H&S oversight of PPE; fixed and  portable climbing gear, including Auto belays, rope, hire and course equipment
  • Aid the scheduling of staff rotas, route setting, coaching programs and seasonal sports coaching for adventure sports, such as skiing and snowboarding and MTB riding.
  • The post holder is expected to undertake any other reasonable duties within their capabilities and the scope of the post as specified
  • Working to keep the climbing offering up to date, current and within the limits advised by the Gym's External Technical Advisor(s).
  • Develop an indoor and outdoor rock climbing program
  • Manage internal training staff towards CWI and RCI qualifications as part of the CPD.

Professional requirements;

  • RC(D)I minimum, preferably MCI (or higher), current relevant first aid
  • Be willing to have or undergo an enhanced PVG
  • RSA 2 (preferred)
  • Climbing – smooth on 6b outdoor sport and to be comfortable on E1 trad multi pitch
  • Mountain experience and navigation skills (preferred)
  • A minimum or 3 years instructing across all UK rock disciplines
  • Must keep abreast of the latest coaching and instructing techniques
  • Must work to current 'good' practice 
  • Be willing to work evenings and weekends
  • Will be required to attend regular instructors meetings.

The ideal candidate should be an enthusiastic allrounder who is able and willing to work across multiple roles especially during the first 6-12 months of the Ledge being set up. Someone who can sees the value of climbing as a therapeutic force for good in someone's life and can communicate their love of moving over rock and the outdoors.

The Ledge has the medium term ambition to run both indoors and outdoors climbing programs and potentially indulge in sun-rock trips with clients. This is a role does not require a high level of rock climbing ability but instead someone who can operate at a reasonable standard of safely and with confidence. Communication skills and the ability to relate to people from a diverse range of backgrounds and life experiences will be rated far more highly than being able to redpoint 8a.

The role will be jointly overseen by the CEO and the SID (Social Impact and Ops Director), you will be in charge of the daily direction of the CWI and RCI instructors and contribute to route setting as guided by the Head Route Setter and lead the safety of a) the delivery of all the courses and instruction and b) the suitability of the indoor offering and how it relates to our members and those involved in using the building and our programmes to enhance lives.

This person should have a progressive and working interest in driving standards of teaching climbing both indoors and out, understand and be able to instruct modern "essentials" such as dynamic belaying, the use of ABDs , the OHM etc.

Benefits and Salary - £23,000 - £25,000

Full holiday and benefits available to discuss at the interview stage.

This job description and summary is not necessarily an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, skills, duties, requirements, efforts, or working conditions associated with the job. While this is intended to be an accurate reflection of the job, Management reserves the right to revise the job or to require that other or different tasks be performed.

The Ledge is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

CV's should be sent to

Title the email: -  Job Application –  Chief Instructor

Closing date for applications is 30th Sept 2022. Interviews will be conducted shortly after the closing date and may include a climbing test indoors or on a sport crag.

2nd - Job Opportunity: Climbing Wall Instructor(s)

Role Summary: A modern climbing gym's reputation is based on not only the quality of the environment, approachability of its climbing and the great coffee but increasingly, the quality of its customer service. Ultimately, we are a sport leisure and tourism project where we will offer exciting engaging and fun climbing experiences both indoors and on the crags. The success of this, then drives our charitable aims and objectives.

We are looking for a dedicated, energetic, outgoing, and organised individual(s), who will help deliver our climbing instruction, contribute to our route-setting, coaching and team programs; Someone who enjoys working with effective programs to develop climbers at every level from young kids and first time visitors to the elite and who is willing engage positively with our regular clients.

We are looking for team members that will inspire and integrate fun and joy as a way of being and working. Our Route-Setting, instruction and Coaching will be at the heart of The Ledge experience, and it is up to you as part of a skilled team, to contribute to the programs.

Instructors will first and foremost be engaged in encouraging best practise and fostering and developing a safe climbing environment and have the ability to recognise the difference between safe climbing techniques and those which may lead to injury of the climber, belayers or other members and or staff. The nuances of using climbing equipment and style, requires the staff member to have an active interest in modern safe practise and the ability to encourage behaviour change or step into a situation that may lead to an incident.

The ability to demonstrate and coach modern sport climbing skills such as dynamic belaying, safe falling, down climbing etc are fundamental requirement. An interest in training for climbing and adventure sport would also be helpful.

Approachability and the ability to express yourself when instructing courses or advising members and visitors is a key attribute and will be more highly valued than the ability to crank out one arm pull-ups. We are looking to develop a diverse and relatable mix of staff, one that offer a welcoming first contract with the Ledge

Essential Job Duties:

Aid the Lead Instructor with scheduling and delivering training, coaching and instructional programs across wide range of ages and abilities

Aid the Social Impact Instructor in working with our charitable users and visitors

Delivering NICAS and NIBAS programs

Contribute regularly to the route setting program, working to the agreed grade spread and the setting of problems, that reflect the outdoor and indoor influences that affect modern setting. Adhering to the safe setting guidelines and management of hold stock, as set by the head setter.

  • Working with kids parties, corporate clients and group sessions bouldering, lead climbing, and in on Auto belays
  • Working at reception dealing with entries, membership and visitor enquiries and inductions.
  • Delivering Coaching Programs; including the use of our studio and S&C facilities for all levels of climbers wishing to improve
  • Implement group and individual coaching programs and aid the upskilling of members
  • Connect and reconnect with athletes and parents/guardians to encourage continued development and practice
  • Administrative responsibilities linked to the role
  • Participate in regularly scheduled meetings
  • Upholding a positive ethos in the team environment
  • Working with external coaches and instructors
  • Daily H&S duties such as checking ropes, auto-belays and hire equipment
  • Contribute to the ongoing development of courses and projects
  • To represent the Ledge as a positive influence in the community
  • Education, Skills, & Qualifications:
  • CWI or RCI preferred
  • 3+ years of climbing experience
  • Level 2 RSA Setting certification - desirable
  • Route-setting experience is preferred
  • Ability to forerun at a minimum of V3
  • Lead and demonstrate 6b sport indoors and outdoors preferred
  • First Aid Certificate (current preferred)

The correct applicant will be offered inhouse training and CPD opportunities if deficient in some of the desired skills or certification.

Benefits and Salary - £20,000 - £23,000

Full holiday and benefits available to discuss at the interview stage.

This job description and summary is not necessarily an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, skills, duties, requirements, efforts, or working conditions associated with the job. While this is intended to be an accurate reflection of the current job, Management reserves the right to revise the job or to require that other or different tasks be performed.

The Ledge is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

CV's should be sent to

Title the email: -  Job Application – Instructor

Closing date for applications is 30th Sept 2022. Interviews will be conducted shortly after the closing date and may include a climbing test indoors or on a sport crag.

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17 Sep

do you need to lead 6b outside to work in a climbing wall?

18 Sep

The job is for Chief Instructor, so I would hope that they would be a proficient all round climber and leading 6b/E1 seems a fair minimum expectation to fulfil that role.

18 Sep

It's a full time post directly related to climbing instruction, the grades required shouldn't be a barrier to any active motivated climber. Whilst the pay is not startling, it's comparable to say a mountain instructor chasing clients 5 days a week for £100, 52 weeks of the year. So it's employment stability in a nice part of the world.

18 Sep

Same for all the instrustors

18 Sep


The word 'chief' instructor is likely key. They aren't just there leading groups within the wall, they are responsible for the training and development of more junior instructors, if they are operating outside they'll need to be writing guidelines for best practice at varying outdoor crags. There is a fair amount of responsibility sitting on their shoulders, so any candidate needs to be at the top of their game. Any person not climbing at that level wouldn't feel so comfortable in the role. And, yes it maybe a barrier to some applying.

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