Berghaus Adventure Challenge

Berghaus Adventure Challenge logo The Berghaus Adventure Challenge is about helping people who have adventure in their heart achieve their ambitions – it's what Berghaus has been doing for over forty years. For decades, the likes of Sir Chris Bonington, Mick Fowler and Leo Houlding have been a source of inspiration for everyone in the company, providing the stories, images and drama that help define Berghaus. Now, Berghaus want to help even more people achieve their own dreams of adventure.

The Challenge has been running since September and has so far produced four worthy winners. The shortlist is chosen by a panel of experts from Berghaus and Climb Magazine and then readers have the opportunity to choose the winner online.

Last month UKC Reader Pete Rhodes won £2000 of support for his trip planned for February to climb the Troll Wall in winter. Previous winners include another UKC Reader Guy Wilson and his plan to climb Mount Hayes (4216m) in Alaska in May 2011.

There is just one more month left to win £1000 in cash, and £1000 worth of Berghaus gear. So if you have an adventure that is a bit out of the ordinary then submit your application here. Remember it is adventure that counts!

January Shortlist - Voting ends on Friday 14th

The Fox Jaw Cirque

1) Greenland Climb 2011
"We are a small 3-man team planning an expedition to a valley on the west coast of Greenland, an area renowend for being wild, sparsely habited and remote. Our aim is to climb one of the unclimbed rock spires in the 'Fox Jaw Cirque', which is a highly underdeveloped climbing area. It is a 3-day walk-in from Kuummuit (a small summer residence village and last outpost, population 37). It recieves all its food and supplies twice per year from Denmark, as it is a Danish colony. It has a dwindling fishing industry there and is in the process of trying to encourage adventure tourism. We are not world class climbers, we are just your everyday climbers who decided to train hard and think big! Now we would like establish our own big wall route, whilst being sensitive to such a fragile and pristine enviroment and the local community over the month we will be in the area." - Graeme Glover

2) Claire Donley and Graham Becherer-Bailey - Plan to make a bike tour across South America for 5 months combining their travelling with research into hospitals, the quality and quantity of medical care, and the knowledge of infectious diseases of the poorest people of the region.

3) Martin Shroeder - Intends to cycle around the world over three years with Diane Schmidt.

You can vote for your favourite here -

10 Jan, 2011
Hi. I would just like to say on behalf of the Greenland expedition guys, thanks for all your support! We hope that you keep up the good work as there is still a few days voting left. Also a big thanks to UKC. Huge thanks, Graeme.
11 Jan, 2011
The level of voting has been great for our Greenland expedition so far, but we would be greatful if the UKC climbing community could get behind us and vote for Greenland!!! A big thanks to all who have voted for us!!!!!
11 Jan, 2011
also worth saying is, it's totally painless to vote. Usually you get loads of faff entering emails etc, but was happy to find out you literally just click a button off the first link and you're done. Only 100 votes in it, good luck, sounds like you'll have an awesome adventure :)
11 Jan, 2011
Thanks or the support and the added info! Only 4 days left to vote and spread the word! (vote Greenland climb 2011) Thanks. G
11 Jan, 2011
Currently 6 votes behind. I've tried voting but it doesn't work, the page is refreshed but nothing's changed. Has anyome else found this (I've tried both Chrome and IE8)?
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