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A snapshot from a life of adventure photographer. In the background climbers on Mont Blanc du Tacul.
© Kamil Tamiola
Camera used: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Date taken: 29th May 2012
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User Comments

It was a very cold night. I was preparing the first brew before starting the actual photo shoot.
Kamil Tamiola - 04/Jun/12
An interesting view to a very overshot location, welldone. Is that a comped in sky though?
Jon Griffith - 05/Jun/12
Nope! The sky is natural. I made damn sure it will be exposed properly. My head torch was overexposed and I spent some decent time trying to bring the highlights down!
Kamil Tamiola - 05/Jun/12
Kamil, that is simply astounding!
Nicholas Livesey - 05/Jun/12
Wow excellent, nuff said...
mr mills - 05/Jun/12
Looks like a 4x4 to me in the background!
Sean Kelly - 05/Jun/12
PD - 05/Jun/12
nice one, good work
Jon Griffith - 05/Jun/12
Thank you! Jon, and others... It was fun posing for this one. An the temperatures really plummeted during the night.
Kamil Tamiola - 05/Jun/12
Yes excellent. I like Sean's 4x4 coming over the ridge too!
jon - 05/Jun/12
Wow !!
Brian - 06/Jun/12
Great photo! Love the sky. Always nice to see the Milky
Dream - 08/Jun/12
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UKC Photos - 10/Jun/12
awesome pic man, well done
jjpython - 10/Jun/12
this photo is amazing!! new desktop bacground i think
rydott123 - 10/Jun/12
Thank you guys! The high-res wallpaper is available via National Geographic Traveler. Please check my Facebook page for more details, if you are interested.
Kamil Tamiola - 11/Jun/12
Outstanding photo. Hope you can do some more like this one.
abseil - 12/Jun/12
Dear Abseil, I do have more... much more ;) They are under review for my photo agency and clients ... I will release more shots soon :)
Kamil Tamiola - 12/Jun/12
I hope it is not against the UKC rules, here is a link to the raw/uncut behind the scenes video from this photo shoot, recorded in night vision (infra red) mode
Kamil Tamiola - 12/Jun/12
What a quality shot!!!
Atky - 13/Jun/12
this has to be one of the best photos ive seen in years
chrismidd - 13/Jun/12
Jon Griffith calls this location "overshot", but personally I'd call it somewhere I want to go: what refuge is that to help me get an idea of where this is..?
subflux - 14/Jun/12
Dear subflux it is Refuge des Cosmiques. Please follow this link:
Kamil Tamiola - 14/Jun/12
Kamil, many thanks, and congrats on such an amazing photo.
subflux - 14/Jun/12
The best spot I have ever pitched up. Love it
Glen Staniforth - 15/Jun/12
Dear ladies and gentleman! The photo has been officially featured by National Geographic and ... received 101 000 likes on Facebook within 22h completely crashing my Samsung mobile few times. Poor smartphone was unable to handle this data!
Kamil Tamiola - 15/Jun/12
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This picture is copyright. Photo added June 05 2012.
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