adidas ROCKSTARS 2018 Super Finals Women

22 Sep, 2018

Bump...semi-final results and finals livestream up. Finals streaming starts in 5 minutes!

23 Sep, 2018

Good coverage and good comp! The climbing was excellent and the men’s super final was hilarious. IFSC needs more Dad dancing.

On a slightly sour note the Adidas Rockstars commentary is a consistent annual reminder how spoiled we are with Charlie Boscoe commentating on the IFSC circuit.

23 Sep, 2018

Oddly, after the women's superfinal (up to and including which I thought the event was great) I felt that the whole show plummeted from a top-level sporting event to cringingly crass popular 'entertainment'.

Maybe I'm just old!

23 Sep, 2018

Agreed. I didn't realise that I liked Charlie until I heard the commentating yesterday.

23 Sep, 2018

Och, it wasn't that bad. You have to come to these post season invitation events with the thinking it's just a bit of fun and a pay day for the ones good enough to command an appearance fee.


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