Rapid Repeat of MacLeod Mega Project for Bosi The Ticklist

Recently, Dave MacLeod made the first ascent of Bultitude (Font 8B+), NEAR Inverness, Scotland. He first started working the boulder in 2019, where he had two sessions on the boulder before dismissing it as 'too hard'. Even though MacLeod identified the boulder as one he may never climb, he continued to work it as a means of confronting his 'absolute limits'.

Whilst the first ascent of Bultitude was a story of persistence across a number of years, the second ascent - that of Will Bosi - was a completely different story. Recently back from his ascent of Return of the Sleepwalker (f9A) - his third boulder at 9A - Bosi made quick work of Bultitude, in what was just his second session on the boulder.

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