The Ticklist

THE TICKLIST: Who will climb the next 9c?
THE TICKLIST: Access Banned at Wright's Rock
THE TICKLIST: New Font 8C at Raven Tor for Will Bosi
THE TICKLIST: Will Bosi repeats Burden of Dreams 9A/V17
THE TICKLIST: CWIF 2023, Bosi on Burden, and Hazelnutt Slab
THE TICKLIST: Hard Ascents for Pete Whittaker in Patagonia
Drew Ruana 8C+, Katie Lamb Repeats and Will Bosi Rumours
THE TICKLIST: James Pearson climbs long-term project
THE TICKLIST: Stefano Ghisolfi Climbs His Hardest Yet: Excalibur (9b+)
THE TICKLIST: Adam Ondra's Trip to The Peak District
THE TICKLIST: Greg Boswell's desperate new XII 13
THE TICKLIST: The Top Ascents of 2022
Will Bosi flashes The Dagger (Font 8B+)
THE TICKLIST: Jacopo Larcher makes a rare repeat of Meltdown
THE TICKLIST: Ondra's second hardest route and Raboutou's second 9A
THE TICKLIST: Will Bosi repeats Alphane (Font 9A) and new Seb Bouin 9b+
THE TICKLIST: Aidan Roberts repeats Alphane - Font 9A
THE TICKLIST: Buster Martin climbs Action Directe 9a
THE TICKLIST: Anna Taylor completes her Mountain Rock challenge
THE TICKLIST: IFSC World Cup comes to the UK
THE TICKLIST: Honnold & Findlay combine climbing and climate science
THE TICKLIST: British Bouldering Championships 2022
THE TICKLIST: Shawn Raboutou Climbs World's 4th Font 9A/V17
THE TICKLIST: Seb Bouin climbs Change (9b+) and Anna Taylor's latest challenge
THE TICKLIST: Aidan Roberts climbs Britain's hardest boulder problem
THE TICKLIST: Anna Hazelnutt climbs The Walk of Life, a Lexicon repeat, and an on-form Bosi
Josh Ibbertson repeats Rainman (9b)
THE TICKLIST: Mat Wright ticks Lexicon E11 after three months of trad!
THE TICKLIST: Eder Lomba repeats Rainman (9b) at Malham
Japan dominates the World Cup, Knarly Himalayan Ascent, and Will Bosi crushing
THE TICKLIST: Seb Bouin has climbed the world's 2nd 9c!
Will Bosi's world-class trip, Soline Kentzel on El Cap, and Luke Dawson's first 9a
High E numbers for Cookson and Wright, 9a+ for Berthier and hard flashes from Bosi
A Hard Alpine First Ascent and Hazel Findlay Crushes in Spain
Franco Cookson climbs The Meltdown, Janja ticks 8B+, and a new 9b from Ondra | The Ticklist
Climbing Community Rallies to Support Ukraine
One of the hardest boulders in the world - but is it Font 9A?
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