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Missing Hikers in Sierra Nevada 28-Jul-08
[The Incredible Hulk - Sierra Nevada California, 3 kb]by

Video News Item: Four Hikers are missing in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The team have been missing for several days and American news channels are speculating on the possible outcomes of the rescue operation. This is true adventure journalism at its finest...

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'The Mad Mingulayans' 26-Jul-08
[The Beautiful Island of Mingulay, 1 kb]by Neil Gresham

Neil Gresham recently sailed up to the beautiful island of Mingulay. He climbed fantastic routes, saw amazing ocean wildlife and camped in one of Britain's most peaceful and tranquil...

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Case Study - Mental techniques for Climbing 24-Jul-08
[Dr Rebecca Williams, 3 kb]by Dr Rebecca Williams

Dr Rebecca Williams is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and Senior Academic Tutor at Bangor University, as well as being a climbing instructor. Here she takes a look at how 'Teri' and 'Geoff' approach climbing from different angles, and how different mental techniques can be applied to help all climbers.

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Meet Pete Robins - A Photo Profile 22-Jul-08
[Pete Robins with his new 'Phantom' at DMM, 2 kb]by Jack Geldard - Editor - UKC

Pete Robins is one of Britain's most talented trad climbers. His natural flair and quirky approach to climbing are documented in this in-depth photo interview. Jack Geldard has climbed...

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British Bouldering Championship 2008 - Full Report 15-Jul-08
[Audrey Seguy, winner of the British Bouldering Championship 2008 and British Lead Climbing Championships 2008, 2 kb]by Keith Sharples

Keith Sharples was at the British Bouldering Championship 2008 and he took his camera. A full report with amazing photography: New champions, world records and a whole lot of grimacing!

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Who's There? 15-Jul-08
[Brooding clouds herald a gathering storm over the 1200-metre bulk of the Russian Tower, Ak Su Valley, Kyrgyzstan., 2 kb]by Dave Pickford

In this well researched piece, editor and journalist Dave Pickford explores the myths and tales surrounding supernatural phenomena seen in the mountains and wild places of the Earth. “...lo! A mighty arch appeared, rising above the Lyskamm high into the sky. Pale, colourless, and noiseless... this unearthly apparition seemed like a vision from...

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PHOTOS: British Bouldering Championships 2008: Junior... 13-Jul-08
[Junior Boys: British Bouldering Championships at Cliffhanger 2008: 1st Jonathan	Stocking: 2nd Nathan	Phillips: 3rd Luke	Tilley, 3 kb]by Keith Sharples/BMC

Results of the Junior competitions on the first day of the British Bouldering Championships 2008 held at the Cliffhanger outdoor event in Millhouses Park, Sheffield on 12 July 2008

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PHOTOS: Guiness World Dyno Record of 2.65m 13-Jul-08
[Skyler setting the new Guiness World Dyno record of 2.65m at Cliffhanger 2008, 3 kb]by Keith Sharples

Skyler Weeks (US) jumped an amazing 2.65m at Cliffhanger 2008 yesterday, setting a new World Record. Keith Sharples was there for to record the achievement.

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Deliberate Transitions are Ambiguous - Mental Training 09-Jul-08
[The Rock Warrior's Way: Mental Training for Climbers, 2 kb]by Arno Ilgner

Climbing is full of transitions and how we negotiate them determines how deliberate we climb. Transitions are also full of ambiguity, which can cause a climber to rush or stall out.

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Gorges du Tarn, France - Destination Guide 24-Jul-08
[Ali climbing Soeurs Froids F6a, Gorges du Tarn, 3 kb]by Kevin Avery

Kevin Avery gives us the full low-down on one of the best sport climbing destinations in the world. How to get there, where to stay, best routes at every grade - all with stunning photography...

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WINNERS: prAna PHOTO COMPETITION: Climbing Facial... 09-Jul-08
[Holly enjoying herself, 3 kb]by UKC Gear

We'd like to thank everyone who entered the prAna PHOTO COMPETITION. We had 318 entries and all were voted on. Here are the five winners.

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UKC Features

A Look Back / Look Forward at Cliffhanger 2007/2008 11-Jul-08
[Keith Sharples 1, 2 kb]by Keith Sharples

Tomorrow Cliffhanger will play host to the British Bouldering Championships - the UK's finest rock climbers battling it out on a purpose built mega-wall, an orient style UltraSprint...

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Behind The Scenes At Cliffhanger 09-Jul-08
[JCT meets another Rocktalk regular, 2 kb]by Jude Calvert-Toulmin

"Due to regularly working twelve hour days doing what I love, I will not be returning to the forums; however I am inspired to write a little about this weekend's Cliffhanger Outdoor Festival, as I believe it has the potential to be the UK's biggest and best outdoor adventure sports festival." writes Jude Calvert-Toulmin. How can you not read more!

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Everlasting Life or The Café at The End of The... 09-Jul-08
[Alan Heason1, 2 kb]by Alan Heason

An electrical impulse tingled inside his skull and he knew, without hearing any warning voice that this was the signal that he had used the greater proportion of his Memory Allocation. All...

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I Want That Job! Simon Panton - Guidebook Publisher 08-Jul-08
[The Ground-Up Office (Photo: Mark Lynden), 3 kb]by Jack Geldard - Editor - UKC

Simon Panton is a guidebook publisher, a journalist and a bouldering guru. Here he explains all..

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The Nose: 2:43:33 03-Jul-08
[Tom Evans - ElCap-pics 1, 2 kb]by Tom Evans - El Cap-pics

"Yesterday morning in Hans Florine and the Japanese climber Yuji Hirayama set a new speed record for climbing the 870m (2900') Nose route on El Cap. On their fourth attempt in the last ten days they achieved a time of 2 hours 43 minutes and 33 seconds, beating the previous record set by the Germans Thomas and Alexander Huber by 2 minutes and 12...

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Secrets of the Alpine Ninja - Advanced Alpine Techniques 02-Jul-08
[Rich Cross is the Alpine Ninja!, 4 kb]by Rich Cross - Alpine Guides

In this article, Rich Cross of Alpine Guides takes us to the next level in Alpine climbing. With hints and tips on everything from saving weight, acclimatisation and getting good info, through to block leading and 'speedy techniques' - this article really will make you in to an 'Alpine Ninja!'

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UKClimbing FAQs

Belaying – From the 'Rope Loop' or from the harness 'Belay... 02-Jul-08
[It can be called a 'Belay Loop' or an 'Abseil Loop'!, 1 kb]by Jack Geldard - Editor - UKC

A guide to where you should attach your belay plate. To your harness belay loop? Or to your 'rope loop'?

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Latest Product News
Announcements direct from the manufacturers
Wild Country Helmets: The 360 and the Alpine Shield 28-Jul-08
[Wild Country Alpine Shield Helmet, 2 kb]by Mick Ryan -

The UK company, Wild Country Limited are coming out with two new helmet designs, the 360 and the innovative Alpine Shield, a modular helmet, the first of its kind, that is suitable for cragging to Scottish winter and anything you can throw at it, or drop on it.

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The Lithium 850+ fill Goose Down Sleeping Bag 24-Jul-08
[Marmot Lithium sleeping bag, 2 kb]by Marmot

Ultra-light fabric and our highest quality down combined with a minimalist design makes the Lithium is our lightest bag for mountaineers and backpackers encountering conditions down to...

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The Helium 850+ fill Goose Down Sleeping Bag 24-Jul-08
[Marmot Helium sleeping bag, 2 kb]by Marmot

Remarkably light and compact, the Helium delivers impressive insulation. Use it as a three-plus season bag to substantially reduce your load while backpacking and mountaineering.

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Scree Pant 02-Jul-08
[Scree Pant #1, 1 kb]by Marmot

Marmot's Scree Pant is a light-weight, versatile softshell pant that excels for everything from spring ski tours to summer alpine climbs.

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Gear Reviews
Independent reviews from the UKC gear testers
Marmot Hydrogen Sleeping Bag 31-Jul-08
[Madagascan Big Walling - Tiring Work., 3 kb]by Jack Geldard - Editor - UKC

Jack Geldard gets a good nights sleep. He tests the Hydrogen sleeping bag from Marmot in Europe, in the UK and big wall climbing in Madagascar. With a comfort rating of -1C this could be...

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The OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARDS 2008 28-Jul-08
[by Mick Ryan -

This year, the OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD competition was held by Messe Friedrichshafen for the third time. A total of 280 entries from 25 different countries were submitted to this year's...

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CU Belay Glasses - a cure for belayer's neck 28-Jul-08
[John Bachar, not liking what he seeing through his belay glasses? © Bachar collection, 4 kb]by John Bachar gear reviewer John Bachar takes a look at the latest eyewear for climbing. No not Ray Bans, but CU Belay Glasses. Say goodbye to belayer's neck.

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"I fall.... A lot!"... DMM - Bouldering Mats 25-Jul-08
[Jenn, 3 kb]by Jenn Pacyna

THUMP! - Jenn Pacyna tests the DMM 'Highball' and 'Bit' bouldering mats - THUMP! And she likes what she sees. "I fall. A lot. In fact I fall much more often than I top out..."

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Andy Kirkpatrick's Doctor Gear: Bivy Bags vs. Bothy Bags 14-Jul-08
[Andy Kirkpatrick is Doctor Gear, 2 kb]by Andy Kirkpatrick

In this interactive article series, gear guru and mountain funny man Andy Kirkpatrick will answer your questions on gear. From the basic to the bizarre, if you need to know something then just Ask Andy! This time it's Bivy Bags and Bothy Bags.

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Malta Rock Climbing – The Comprehensive Guide 14-Jul-08
[Malta Rock Climbing - cover, 2 kb]by Chris Moor

Is Malta the sun rock destination Britsh climbers forgot? Armed with a cope of the new guidebook, Chris Moor took a trip to this unfashinable climbing destination and gives us his impression of what the new guidebook has to offer.

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The New Pink is White: The Anasazi V2 12-Jul-08
[New Anasazi: Available Now, 3 kb]by Tom Dixon

Five Ten's Anasazi 'Pink' has been a firm favourite of climbers all around the climbing globe for many a year. But could it get any better? They tried with the Anasazi Verde (the Green) and...

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Armour helmet 11-Jul-08
[Ellu gettin' the gear in., 3 kb]by TobyA

TobyA reviews the CAMP Armour helmet - "it both looks pretty darn cool and – most importantly – isn't purple.. So over all, a great all-rounder. Not the lightest but far from the heaviest;...

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12 Aug, 2008
It is indeed far more than an internet forum. I like to think of it as a training ground for when I develop senile dementia.
12 Aug, 2008
I can't imagine the purveyors of glossy climbing mags are too pleased at the high quality online competition.
12 Aug, 2008
<cue Air on a G string music> 'This isn't just a forum, this is a UKC forum'
13 Aug, 2008
Thanks for the summary Mick. There were at least 2 things I'd missed or threads I hadnt seen the end of.
13 Aug, 2008
I stopped buying the climbing mags about 6 months ago as UKC covers pretty much all the news and when it does it is far more up to date as it is a 'live ' service. Why wait a month to get the news when it's on here straight away? I made the mistake of buying a certain outdoor based publication yesterday (are we allowed to name and shame?) while I was waiting for my daughter to get her op at hospital in the hope that it would relieve the boredom. How wrong I was! It was boring, badly written and scarily sycophantic when it came to gear reviews.
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